“From His abundance we have all received one gracious blessing after another!” ~John 1:16 ♥️

“Stay in the flow of His grace. Remember the flow of grace as you practice praying in motion. YogaFaith is quite literally your prayers in motion. Dancing in grace. Flowing in grace and worshipping the One who has blessed you exceedingly and abundantly – more than you could ever imagine!

In yoga, the word vinyasa is defined as continuous movement. You are flowing with your breath. In YogaFaith, knowing the one Who gives us breath and setting our intentions on the Lord allows our flow, or continuous movement in prayer, to become transformational.”

~Michelle Thielen 🙏🏻

Thankful for the blessing of YogaFaith in my life! Next month, I will complete my training in Atlanta for certification. Grateful for my beautiful tribe of friends and family, especially my sweet husband, for encouraging me to take that first step many months ago and supporting my study time.

I’m living the dream of fusing my love for my faith with fitness. Would you pray over this new ministry?

Can’t wait to guide you in encountering God on your yoga mat. 🙏🏻