New Logo

Blessed to share my new logo for Peace of Her Mind Yoga!

Many thanks to the lovely Blair Kawa, my YogaFaith sister in Christ, for her beautiful design.

This lotus flower inspiration comes from a time with God on my yoga mat at YogaFaith Miracle Immersion. One of our trainers challenged us with creating a pose to symbolize where He was taking us in our journey. My hands immediately cupped my imaginary lotus flower. My tiny, fragile offering for His gracious, everlasting love.

Lotus flowers have quite a beautiful pattern. A dance of tranquil survival …

“With its roots based in mud, it submerges every night into murky river water, and—undeterred by its dirty environment—it miraculously re-blooms the next morning without residue on its petals …

Not only does it find sanctuary in the muck, but due to the waxy protection layer on its petals, its beauty is blithely unaffected when it re-blooms each morning. It continues to resurrect itself, coming back just as beautiful as it was last seen. With such refusal to accept defeat, it’s almost impossible not to associate this flower with unwavering faith.” ~Katie Robinson

Oh to have undeterred, unaffected,

and unwavering faith!

I pray this logo blesses you as it has me.

My prayer is that Peace of Her Mind Yoga enables women to experience His peace on their mats. May we grow in our faith together!