Utah Postscript

I am filled with love for all the children and families in Utah I was blessed to serve this week; I see the faces of my new friends so clearly. I love and admire my Christ Fellowship Lehi church family. I’m again amazed by my faithful and gifted daughter. I’m touched and blessed that my awesome aunt served so beautifully with us. Most of all, I am thankful to God for this awesome opportunity to give Him honor and glory. His handiwork is painted throughout the Utah landscape.

God took me deeper. Deeper in my journey of faith and trust. Deeper in my love for His creation. Deeper in my love for all people of all beliefs.

As I return home, I am adjusting to this new depth of faith and carrying it with me. I am always working to keep my eyes focused on Him.

Utah is never far from my mind and heart.

God moved in ways beyond all my expectations.

I expected to bond with my fellow teammates and church partners in amazing ways.

I expected to share His love, giving Him the praise, shining light in a spiritually dark place.

I expected to study His word, meditate on His Truth, and worship with fellow believers.

I expected to serve and love on children and their families at cowboy camp.

Unexpectedly, God helped me conquer sources of anxiety in my life. I’m so grateful He chose to work through me. He helped me grow in grace and love.

I’m no longer scared of the unknown endings because I know He is already there. He makes me want to be brave. My confidence is in Him because my identity is in Him.

I am an Overcomer. My past mistakes and future fears do not define me. Only God defines me. And He is a BIG God!

Returning to a favorite blog post by Jessica Meggs, I find the words to better explain my grateful heart.

“This summer God moved … He moved in me and in my heart. He moved in the children I was blessed to love and the wonderful people I was blessed to serve. He moved and it was real.

The way He provided was real.

The way I was overwhelmed with adoration and praise was real.

The ways He spoke through the Word and the people around me were real.

The ways He changed my view of the world were real.

The way He changed my view of myself was real.

The way He moved in me and through me was real.

And because of that I will never be the same.”

Amen, Jessica! Thank you, Lord, for Your provision. May I always be willing to step up to the challenge, with Your help.

May I continue to live my life with Him on mission and with intention.

When I am weak, You are strong.

You are truth and grace.

Help me to give love and live loved, planting seeds of His glory all along the way.