Breath Prayers

Our January Theme: The Whole You

Stop and know that you are beloved. Pause and be still to know that He is God. (Psalm 46:10)

Breath prayers are an ancient Christian practice. They are usually short prayers of 6-8 syllables.

The offering of breath prayers is a holistic prayer practice for body, mind, soul, and spirit – to clear a path to abide with Him.

After all, it’s His breath in our lungs

Find time to sit quietly with the Lord:

*On your yoga mat

*In your car

*At your desk

*Before sleep

*During prayer time

Breath prayers help to calm and center.

A few favorites:

Inhale calm; exhale chaos

Inhale the Father’s presence; exhale fear

Inhale grace; exhale grace

Namaste and blessings,



Peace of Her Mind Yoga LLC