“This yoga class always includes many elements and is a good workout for anyone.

Plenty of modifications are offered, both more and less advanced.

Tanya has a relaxing and calming voice and style, her themes are always refreshing, encouraging and filled with joy.”

Jackie W.

“Tanya offers lots of options to make the workout harder or easier to suit your abilities.

I like the music, the workout, the atmosphere, and most of all, the teacher!

She is a wonderful and encouraging teacher.”

Julie S.

“It has been my pleasure to follow Tanya on her journey through her early days of practicing yoga, followed by extensive training to become an instructor, and finally to the establishment of Peace of Her Mind Yoga. Her dedication to continually educating herself about the human body and yoga techniques has been truly impressive. Her unwavering desire to use her knowledge to help heal trauma; strengthen and nourish faith; and build personal confidence and well-being is inspiring. Her kindness, wisdom, patience, and loving heart shine through in her work with beginners as well as advanced yogis. I cannot recommend her highly enough – both as an instructor and as a truly beautiful human being.”

Jen B.

“Tanya is amazing. She always makes me feel so comfortable in her class. Her practice makes me feel renewed and strong.”

Mike C.

“Mrs. Coggin is a wonderful teacher! I’ve done her Facebook Live classes and always leave them feeling refreshed and energized. I would 100% recommend checking her classes out!”

Madalene W.

“My favorite instructor, my favorite class. Tanya is so inclusive to all skills and body types. She makes everyone feel so welcome. She is an amazing sister in Christ.”

Madi C.